HUE ADS-Delivering Digital Solutions

Hue Ads provides media solution to all online inventory sellers (Publishers) and buyers (Advertisers) in the world of digital media through its advanced Programmatic open RTB system and helps them grow throughout their journey.

HueAds is one of the advanced ad-tech platforms out there. We power ad impressions through our smart, RTB (Real-Time-Bidding) enabled platform. With our RTB enabled platform, advertisers can leverage our programmatic advertising to target their customers and Publishers can monetize their inventory with global demand sources and get the maximum returns through our competitive eCPMs and excellent fill rates.


Now advertisers can have a complete control of their ad campaigns with our programmatic platform. We offer a real-time tracking of your campaign, so that you can direct your advertising budget to extract the maximum ROI. Our RTB enabled programmatic advertising platform will ensure your campaign’s returns. With our premium inventory, a multitude of costing models and targeting options, you can achieve your advertising goals efficiently.

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Target your customers where they spend maximum time- Video. Hueads allows advertisers to show their video ads to highly relevant and targeted audience. In-video advertising or outstream video advertising, our advanced video advertising platform will serve all your advertising needs.

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Give your users experience of high quality video ads when they consume digital video content on TV. CTV advertising will be the smartest choice for the advertisers interested in TV advertising with highly advanced tracking and analytics which TV cannot provide.

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HueAds’ contextual feeds allows advertisers to buy highly targeted traffic, relevant to their product offerings. With HueAds’ contextual feeds advertisers can create dynamic ads that can be customised live. This saves a lot of time and efforts and helps advertisers channelise their resources better. HueAds serves millions of impressions and clicks through its leading and trusted publisher partners.

HueAds strives to provide its advertisers maximum global and local exposure.

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We help you to monetize intelligently!