Advertiser Service Overview

Looking to advertise your brand ??

Hue Ads is an estimed premium advertiser network helping you to position your brand in the market and in the minds of the users. Our goal is to give the advertiser maximum exposure locally and globally with our high end tech support and connect the user through variety of channels and formats. We serve millions of impressions and clicks through our leading and trusted publisher partners.


  • Worldwide traffic Inventory
  • Over 2 billion impressions, more than 500million pop and around 1.5 million clicks per day.
  • Bid Management
  • Easy and Quick set up
  • Customised Targeting invloves worlwide geo, keyword, browser , OS and many more.
  • Setting up through XML feeds, POP links, Direct links and Self Serve
  • Fraudulent traffic protection, including filters to white and black lists when required.
  • Daily insights of the campaigns and timely reports provided.
  • Dedicated Account Manger

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